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Flexible Pathways

Harwood Union offers various courses, programs, and learning opportunities on site and outside of the school that allow students to demonstrate achievement toward the Harwood graduation requirements. Students may also design their own learning opportunities toward graduation as long as they meet the criteria for graduation.

  1. Central Vermont Career Center - offers an Exploratory Tech program for sophomores, and a range of career and technical training programs for juniors and seniors with an option for the Cooperative Education program in year two.

  2. Dual Enrollment - 2 free Vermont college courses for combined high school and college credit for students in grades 11 & 12.

  3. Early College - eligible seniors can attend their senior year at one of several Vermont Colleges, and earn both high school and college credit.

  4. Harwood Community Learning Center - pathway for juniors and seniors that combines a variety of pathway options to meet students’ needs, including Harwood classes, online learning, internships, and so on with student designed learning opportunities and college and career exploration in a small, quiet setting.

  5. Harwood Course of Study - Selection of on-site introductory and college and career preparatory courses including Advanced Placement, a STEM Pathway, and an Advanced Performing Arts Pathway

  6. Harwood Internship - pathway for students to gain practical career experience while demonstrating progress toward identified graduation requirements.

  7. Extended Studies - In specific courses, students who make this choice will complete additional “extension assignments” throughout the year that will be scored. These assignments will focus on deeper learning by exploring an extended curriculum. This learning opportunity will be transcripted as a separate Learning Opportunity

  8. Independent Study - pathway for students to design proficiency-based graduation learning tailored to their interests.

  9. Introduction College Studies - Free 13 week CCV college preparatory course for students in grades 10-12.

  10. Next Step - Job Shadow, Apprenticeships, and Employment opportunities for students to explore their interests, learn about careers, and get paid.

  11. Online Learning - Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative offers accredited online courses taught by Vermont certified educators. Harwood has an assigned # of free seats. Other online opportunities are available and may have associated costs.

  12. Travel Studies - pathway for study travel through independent study and/or designated Harwood or community programs.

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