About Harwood Union Middle School

Hello prospective Harwood Middle School Family…..

We are so glad you have decided to take a look at the Harwood Middle School as a possible option for your child’s educational program and community.    We are very excited to introduce you to who we are as a learning community!  Take a few minutes to view our school’s Blog: (https://humiddleschool.blogspot.com/)  and (https://harwood.org/

We are very proud of our accomplishments as a school community and welcome any new family additions as opportunities for growth and learning.  
To start your introduction to our school please contact Liz Hepp, our administrative assistant at lhepp@huusd.org.  She can answer any questions you may have about the registration process or about our school or community in general.  Duane Pierson, our school’s assistant principal, can also answer questions you may have about our academic or community programs we have at our school.  If you would like a tour of the school please let Duane know he will be more than happy to show you around and answer questions.  His contact information is: dpierson@huusd.org,  his school contact number is 802-583-8144. 



In the Mad River Valley, our mountains complement our rivers, ponds, and streams to form the place our students call home. At Harwood Middle School, each student belongs to one of two complementary academic teams.

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Extended Learning