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Flexible Pathways


A pathway for students to gain practical career experience while demonstrating progress toward identified graduation requirements. Visit or contact the Next Step office for more information.

Independent Study

Credit Determined by Student • Open to all grades

Independent Study provides a process for students to design learning tailored to their passions and interests. This study can take place at Harwood, at a community-based learning site or at another off campus location at any time of the year. All credits earned in an IS are applicable to Harwood’s graduation requirements. IS has several requirements. First, students must locate an advisor who is certified/qualified in the field of study and complete a learning proposal and submit to the IS committee for review. Once a proposal is approved students must complete a learning journal and time log of study activities, complete a final project and conduct an oral presentation at the culmination of the work with their advisor. Proposal packets are located in the School Counseling office. The IS committee meets monthly and proposals can be submitted at any time during the school year. If an independent study is intended to meet a graduation requirement, seniors are required to complete the study by the end of the first semester of their senior year.

Dual Enrollment

Upon completion of their sophomore year students are eligible to enroll in two college courses for free at any Vermont college. Get ahead when it comes to experiencing college and earn college credits while still in high school. Whether it’s during the academic year or during the summer, many courses are available to high school students both on campus and online. Dual enrollment courses are listed on the high school transcript. See your school counselor for more information

Early College Program/VAST

Prerequisite: Senior status

This program is for motivated high school seniors, who meet the specific college admission requirements. This means completing the senior year of high school and the freshman year of college simultaneously for a fraction of the cost. Colleges currently offering the Early College 10 Program: Burlington College, Castleton State College, Community College of Vermont, Johnson State College, Lyndon State College, and Vermont Technical College (VAST Program). See your school counselor for more information or to begin the application process. Application deadlines vary. Begin planning early in the junior year.

Early College
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