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Green Mountain Grad

A gift for 2020 & 2021 Vermont high school grads

You’ve worked hard to graduate high school during a challenging time in history. Congratulations; you’ve earned it.

What’s next?

  • Maybe you’re college-bound in the fall but not sure what you want to study. Maybe you want to get a taste of an area of study before you “dive in.”

  • Or maybe you’re not sure college or training after high school is for you. Maybe you’d like to try it out before you commit to a program.

  • Or maybe you aren’t sure you could stand another online course after a year of remote or hybrid high school. Would the college version be different?

Whatever your plan, here’s your chance to try one course tuition free. The State of Vermont, Vermont State Colleges System, and VSAC are teaming up to provide you with one tuition-free college or training course at any school in the Vermont State Colleges System.


Vermont high school graduates of the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021. If you’re already enrolled in a program at one of the 4 Vermont State Colleges, one of your courses will now be tuition free!


The program will cover summer courses that begin after July 1, 2021, courses in fall 2021, or courses in spring 2022. Students should act now because summer course options are limited and we expect demand for this opportunity to be high in the fall and spring.


Tuition for your one selected course is covered in full. Some courses may have materials, textbooks, or course fees that you, the student, will be responsible for. The financial aid office at the school of your choice can help you with those details when you enroll.


Step 1 — Explore schools and available courses.

Step 2 — Apply for admission (if you haven’t already).

Step 3 — Register for your one course via the school’s website or admissions office.

Step 4 — VSAC will work with your chosen school to pay the tuition for your chosen course.


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