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Family Newsletter - June 10, 2022

Harwood Families -

Senior Awards have been bestowed.

Pride Month has been celebrated and the flag raised.

The Art Show and Music concert enjoyed by many.

Our Final Assembly and the passing of the torch completed.

It was a full week that will conclude with the 2022 Graduation ceremony tomorrow morning!

Thank you for sharing your children with us this year.

We hope you all have a restful and joyous summer.

With gratitude and in continued partnership,

Meg, Laurie and Duane



  • August 29th - Smart Start - 7th/9th graders

  • August 30th - First day of school for ALL students


Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Check out the last 2021-2022 HUHS edition of the Common Ground

Health Office Updates

COVID Updates

Tests will not be available to staff or students over the summer through schools.

  • You can still stock up on tests through the Vermont Department of Health until June 25th. After that, VDH is ending their testing program. You can get up to four antigen test kits for each appointment (there are two tests per kit, for eight tests total), but only one LAMP per appointment.

    • When you make an appointment, you can choose from three types of tests:

      • Take-home antigen

      • Take-home LAMP (similar to PCR)

      • PCR

  • You can order free tests through the US Postal Service here:

  • Take-home tests will continue to be widely available at pharmacies around the state and are covered by our health insurance.

  • The Barre District office of the Vermont Department of Health (5 Perry Street, Barre) will also have LAMP and antigen kits available for pickup this summer.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy summer!


Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



JumpRope Year-End Reports

​Teachers are working to finish up final scores for students in JumpRope, and score reports will be emailed home to families next week.

2022-2023 Schedules

Students’ schedules for 2022-2023 will be sent home in July.

Counselors will be available for questions starting the week of August 15th.


Positive school climate and culture:



Yearbook Update

The class of 2022 chose to include their pictures of their graduation in their Yearbook. As a result, Yearbooks will be ready to pick up in August. More details will be forthcoming upon arrival.

All School Dialogue update

On May 18th, a second all-school dialogue was held at Harwood Union High School. This conversation was once again completely student led and designed. The group of facilitators reviewed the feedback from the previous dialogue and chose to move forward with another agenda based around school safety; this time centered around looking into next year. The reflection on this event was recorded and the major takeaways and next steps are shared below.

  1. Major takeaways included ideas of trust and freedom, communication and transparency, and safe student spaces. Many of these are a continuation of concepts that arose in the last discussion which only enforces that there is room for improvement. Students feel that their voice is heard until a certain point where their concerns and solutions cease being taken into account. Trust is the backbone of every community and it is a connection students strive to strengthen in Harwood to earn their freedom. Finally, the desire for safe student spaces that are available at all times was reiterated in the feedback.

  1. Next steps as identified by students included continuing to build strong relationships, efficient and direct systems of communication and continuing to hold space for conversations with purposeful follow up. In the feedback, suggestions were asked for how these dialogues could continue and for many students it was identified as something they would like to see back next year. There was an emphasis on follow up and follow through with information that is gathered to show students their voice is being heard.

A huge shout out to Ellen Berrings for everything she has done to make sure we created equitable space to hear from all students at Harwood. These dialogues would not have been possible without her support and dedication.

Registration for new families and swimmers interested in the Waterbury Rapids Swim Club opened Wednesday, June 8th. For more information about the season and registration, click on this flyer:2022 Flyer


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