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Family Newsletter 9.30.22

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Harwood Families -

This week our new High School Mentor and Middle School Mentee pairing were revealed for the year!

The Mentor Program is a club started last year at Harwood! The program began with 15 amazing juniors and seniors and tripled in size this year with 45 mentors! This program allows middle school students the chance to build a supportive relationship with an older peer and high school students a chance to foster leadership skills. The best part of this program is witnessing the wonderful connections and bonds made by all!

After three years our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) class has finally launched! In this partnership between Brian Wagner (STEM teacher) and Krista Verriotto (visual arts teacher) the possibilities for creation are endless. Currently students are designing projects that combine circuits and individually inspired artwork.



  • 10/04 - Club Fair 2:30 - 3:20 *See details below.

  • 10/06 - Senior Mt. Day @ MRG

  • 10/07 - Staff Inservice Day - NO students

  • 10/10 - NO school for staff or students

  • 10/13 - 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. Open House

  • 10/15 - Homecoming

  • 11/9 & 11/15 - 3:30 - 7p.m. Family Conferences


Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



AMAZING MENU of ELO Options: Mental health! Substance Use! Wellness! Restorative Practices!

We are super excited to be integrating several programs here at Harwood Middle/High School! Please take a look at our MENU of options available to all our students related to mental health, wellness, restorative practices, school counseling, and substance use. Please ask your students about them, and encourage them to check one out if it makes sense!! There are both individual drop-in ELO options that anyone can sign up for that one time. There are SERIES, which students sign up and commit to several weeks for more in-depth exploration, learning, and skill building!

Introducing: Christina Ehrenreich - Licensed Mental Health Clinician; Jen Dreimiller -Licensed School Counselor/Wellness Counselor, and Skylar Bradley - Restorative Practices Coordinator.

Additionally, any of our incredible staff with expertise in social emotional learning and/or wellness will be adding to our menu. This quarter’s additional staff include: Tara Cariano, Teacher, Licensed Yoga Instructor/Licensed School Counselor; and Korie Born, Teacher/Intuitive Eating Counselor

Please look out for updates on the Instagram page, and this newsletter. Coming soon - Student Services Hub on our Harwood Website for all to see the amazing work our staff are doing to offer students.

GAME MASTERS: Research shows that taking a break can result in students having:

  1. Higher brain volume, especially memory

  2. Improved attention and regulation

  3. Counter depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms

  4. Reduce physical health symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and lower back pain

This week the student-led Game Master’s group shared at assembly about activities available inside and outside to be used by classes to take brain breaks. Ask your student about breaks and share about why they are important!


Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



Open House

Harwood 7-12 Students, families and caregivers - please join us for our 2022-2023 Open House and Harvest Dinner on October 13th, 5:30 - 8:00.

We invite families & caregivers to come when they can given their individual schedules.

Please RSVP for the dinner here today so we can plan accordingly.

JumpRope Progress Reports

​Monday, September 26th marked the half-way point of Quarter 1 in our school year and a good time to review academic progress. Progress reports were emailed to students and families from Jennifer Shaub through JumpRope. These progress reports will be sent at the midpoint and end of every quarter, with the intention of helping students, families, and TAs monitor progress. This guide also includes a few graphics that give more information. As you are looking at both sections, keep in mind that for high schoolers:

In order for a course to count toward graduation,

  • 9th grade students must obtain a course score that falls in the Emerging range or above (1.8 or greater).

  • All other students must obtain a course score that falls in the Proficient range or above (2.6 or greater).

In order for Learning Expectations to be on track for graduation,

  • 9th grade students must obtain a minimum Learning Expectation score that falls in the Emerging range or above (1.8 or greater).

  • All other students must obtain a minimum Learning Expectation score that falls in the Proficient range or above (2.6 or greater).

Course scores and Learning Expectation scores will change as assessments are added throughout the semester or year (depending on the course) and scores are not final until that time. Feel free to reach out to Jess Deane (Teaching and Learning Coordinator) at with general questions, or email teachers for course-specific details


Positive school climate and culture:



Club Fair

Did you know that there are 24 club offerings for Harwood Students?

The variety of offerings is also pretty impressive. Next week, all of our students will have an opportunity to visit with student club leaders at our Club Fair. Our schedule this year provides time for any student to access a club 2 times each week. The goal is to provide equity for all interested students to be able to participate.

Are you curious about what our clubs are? Check out the current list.

Stepping Stones to Leadership

​A new opportunity this year is being developed to provide leadership training and opportunities to create partnership with adults in continuing to make Harwood a place where all feel a sense of belonging.

Students can nominate a friend or themselves if they are interested in getting involved. Teachers will also be encouraged to seek out students who may not realize their leadership potential. Once nominated, students will be invited to participate in a two-day, in school retreat where they will learn a host of leadership skills and strategies. The retreat will culminate in each member finding a path toward meaningful leadership.

Here’s the best part: all of this is being developed by current student leaders in partnership with Harwood administration and teachers. Student leaders will design and lead all of the retreat activities. Throughout the remainder of the year the leadership cohort will reconvene bi-weekly as we continue to build new student leaders at Harwood. The nomination process begins next week with retreat dates on October 19th and November 4th.


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