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Family Newsletter 9.17.21

Dear Harwood Community, This week the Harwood Community experienced some upsetting and harmful behavior spurred by the phenomenon on TikTok called “devious licks”. This social media trend, wherein individuals steal or destroy school property and chronicle it on social media, is being experienced across our country and beyond. The actions of a few have been received by the majority of Harwood students with sadness and frustration. As a community we will be connecting during assembly and Teaching Advisory to consider how this unfortunate situation can be a learning opportunity that supports us in meeting our following shared goals: Cultivate and maintain a community where all students, staff and families feel safe - seen, heard, understood and respected. Create and maintain a physical environment that reflects a positive school climate and culture. While the outcomes were only perpetuated by a few at Harwood, the social media craze encouraging such behavior has been participated in by many. To that end, we seek your partnership in discussing this issue with your child. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to support our children in appropriate and healthy use of social media. We plan to provide resources in upcoming newsletters to support this ongoing need for dialogue. After our first full week of our new 21-22’ school year - there is much more to share. Please find our Family Newsletter here.

With gratitude, Meg, Laurie and Duane

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