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Family Newsletter 6.19.23

Harwood Families -

One of the beautiful traditions at Harwood is the passing of the torch that takes place at our final assembly each year. Begun in 1996 Seniors pass the torch to each other one at a time and then recess out of the auditorium. The silence in the room reflects the power and significance of this moment for all present. When all the Seniors have left the Junior class rises and takes their new seats in the designated Senior section as the leaders of the community.

We are excited to announce that Harwood graduates from the Class of 2023 will be attending the following schools next year. Students will also be participating in post graduate, gap years and United States Air Force in addition to joining the workforce.

​Bennington College

Boston College

Champlain College

Clemson University

Colorado College

Community College of Vermont

Dartmouth College

Elon University

Emmanuel College

Endicott College

Fordham University

Green Mountain Valley School

Hawaii Pacific University

James Madison University

Job Corps

Loyola University Maryland

Merrimack College

Montana State University

​Mount Holyoke College

Northwoods School

Norwich University

O'Brien's Aveda Institute

Quinnipiac University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Saint Michael's College

Seton Hall University

Simmons University

Skidmore College

Southeast Lineman Training Center

St. Lawrence University

Suffolk University

The American International University in London

The George Washington University

The New School

​The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Union College (NY)

Universal Training Institute

University of Denver

University of Massachusetts-Boston

University of New England

University of Rhode Island

University of San Francisco

University of Southern Maine

University of Vermont

Utica University

Vermont State University

Villanova University

Wellesley College

Western Michigan University

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The 2022-2023 school year has officially ended and it has been a joy.

Have a safe and fun summer and we’ll see you in August.

Laurie, Meg and Duane

Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Student Support Services

​SOCIAL MEDIA: As we move into the summer months, warmer temperatures, and nicer weather; please encourage your youth to head outside, be active, and be social with others in person. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, social media continues to remain a risk to the well-being of children and adolescents.

Though your child may share that it helps them feel more accepted, supported, and connected, excessive use has been found to increase depression and anxiety, perpetuate eating disorders, and lower self-esteem.

As adults, we can hold each other accountable through our acknowledgement of the growing body of research about potential harms, efforts to increase our collective understanding of the risks, and encouragement of our youth to minimize their use!

See this Tip Sheet on Social Media Use and Mental Health for healthy social media use created for and by young people: Tip Sheet on Social Media Use and Mental Health | Youth Engaged 4 Change

For information on creating a family media plan, visit

See the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for media use: Media and Young Minds | Pediatrics

Welcome Conferences, August 23 from 3:00 until 6:00 PM

Why? At the start of the year we want to welcome our new 7th and 9th grade students and families as well as reconnect with all other students and families. Important information will be shared and we look forward to starting or continuing to build our partnership with students and families through advisory

What? For 7th and 9th grade families this is an opportunity to meet your TA teacher for the first time. We will offer information about the schedule, Harwood support systems, clubs and extracurricular information and the purpose of advisory. More importantly we look forward to hearing from you through some connection questions and in response to any lingering questions you might have.

For all other students and families this is a great time to reconnect. In addition to the information above, we will be providing information relevant to the grade for your student such as 10th, 11th and 12th grade planning outlines for preparing for high school and beyond and an opportunity to learn about Naviance, a program used for planning purposes through our School Counseling office.

How? For grades 7-10 conferences will be offered on an individual basis. For grades 11 and 12 a group option is available in addition to individual appointments.

Sign up information will be shared as we get closer to August.

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



​Each year the Air Force Association recognizes a Teacher of the Year Program for their exceptional educational abilities and contributions to STEM. Our methodology for the program consists of meeting and observing the teachers in their teaching environment.

This year the honor went to Harwood's own Susannah Cowden.

Marble run

  • The goal is to keep the marble rolling as long as possible, not as far as possible.

  • You can cut the tubes in half lengthwise to make chutes. You may or may not want to do this with all of your tubes.

  • Use the environment to your advantage. You can build on walls, chairs, tables, and even the floor.

  • What will cause the marble to speed up as it goes along? (Gravity.)

  • What will cause it to slow down? (Going uphill, friction as it rubs against other objects, drag as it goes through the air.)

End-of-Year JumpRope Scores

​Summer’s here! Which means the end of 2022-2023 classes…

Final JumpRope reports for the 2022-2023 school year will be emailed to families tomorrow. Here is a guide to Understanding JumpRope to help with interpreting scores.

In order to successfully complete a course, 9th graders need a final score that is emerging or above (1.8+), while 10th-12th graders need a final score that is proficient or above (2.6+). If a course is successfully completed, the score will remain in JumpRope, or a designation of SC (“successfully completed”) may be used if only self direction was assessed in the course. If a final course score is below this threshold, there are two things you might see:

  • NYC (“not yet complete”): The course criteria is not met, but a reasonable additional support could enable the student to meet the course criteria with additional time. The student has one semester (inclusive of a Summer Session) to complete the course. If the student successfully meets the course criteria during this time, the course will be changed to reflect the new score and the transcript will be updated. If, with these supports in place, the student still does not meet the criteria for the course, the course will be changed to Incomplete, which will be reflected on the transcript.

  • INC (“incomplete”): The course criteria is not met, and it is not reasonable for the student to still complete the course. If the course was fulfilling a graduation requirement, it will need to be retaken or replaced with an equivalent learning opportunity.

If you have questions that are specific to a certain course, please reach out to the teacher. If you have questions about your student’s overall progress toward graduation or schedule for next year, email their school counselor. If you have general questions about JumpRope, you can reach out to Jess Deane (

Positive school climate and culture:



Invitation from Harwood Boosters


In need of new membership and leaders - are you interested?

​Many of you may have never seen the Harwood Boosters in action. Covid brought almost all of our activity to a close after winter sports ended in March of 2020. All sports were canceled and along with it spring sports concessions. The following school year (2020-2021) there were also covid restrictions that made it very difficult for us to continue. During graduations of that year, 2 of our 5 board members' kids had all completed their high school careers. Last year (2021-2022) 2 more parents no longer have students at the school. That leaves us with our Vice President Katie Pike and myself acting President/Treasurer, Missy Semprebon. My daughter graduated in 2021 also, but because we were not able to recruit I stayed on until some normalcy could return.

Concessions have been cleared to start up again. We were able to offer concessions for boys and girls senior nights and playoff games. In the past, we have let student groups run the concession stand with a Booster Representative available to assist. By having this partnership students were able to raise money for their groups and causes. We have a booth outside the gym and a hot dog cart for outside home events. It is a great way to engage the students and parents in what the boosters can do.

Some other things that the Booster’s do: Have banners made to hang in the Harwood gym for our championship sports teams, gives away 2-$500 scholarships to graduating seniors each year, provide art box of supplies to support fellow students in playoffs, provide trophies to 12 season athletes, support leadership training with financial assistance, sports/group grant application process, held silent raffles, and organized volunteers for the Leaf Peepers Race.

Harwood Boosters began in 1972 and has a proud tradition for helping our student groups, teams and our student body as a whole. With a brand new incoming board, it is a great opportunity to revitalize and reimagine where the Boosters goes in the future. Katie has the experience for the past few years so she can be a great asset. I can assist from afar but am no longer able to be present the way a board member needs to be. I have been part of the Booster since 2015-2016. My primary duties have been as Treasurer. Recently I have also become the president during Covid because it got down to just Katie and I.

Members of Harwood Boosters enjoy the benefits of being involved in their children's education, meet other parents, teachers, administrator’s and a familiarity with the great student body at Harwood. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Harwood. The friendships I have made will stay with me long after my time at Harwood has ended.

If you are interested in joining this team Katie and I are willing to answer any questions.

Missy Semprebon 802-373-4546

Katie Pike 802-249-2517

​We have been busy preparing for the transition to the 2023-2024 school year and are excited to share that draft schedules for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors have been distributed. Schedules for incoming 9th grade students will be mailed home at the end of June.

If students have a request for a change to their schedule they must be done through the 2023-2024 Course Change Request Form. There is also a QR code located on the back side of your printed schedule to access this form. School counselors are happy to answer scheduling questions until June 23rd, 2023. Any schedule change requests after this date will be answered upon our return in August.

Up Time Form: Rising seniors who would like to participate in Up Time need to complete the following form with their parents / guardians: Up Time Form.

The Music Dept. continued end of year traditions by presenting the High School Music Awards Picnic and the Senior Music Showcase last week on Tuesday, June 6.

The High School Music Awards Picnic was held in front of the school with Grill Master Sklar and many of the music department students in attendance. Great food, Senior Music Plaques and Department awards were presented.

The Annual Senior Music Showcase followed immediately after the Music Awards Picnic and featured ten graduating members of the music department performing a solo or group performance. Parents, family and friends were all treated to beautiful music as Seniors took the stage for the last time. Lots of gratitude from everyone involved!


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