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Family Newsletter 11.22.22

Harwood Families -

A message from students in Harwood Union High School’s Harkness Leadership Class.

This year we will be offering a Socrates Cafe. This event has been a tradition at Harwood since 2010 that was sadly interrupted by the pandemic. A Socrates Cafe brings the community together as we work to answer a timely and timeless question. It allows us to gain new perspectives while meeting people throughout the area who we may not know and build connections and relationships through the thoughtful conversation brought out in this event.

We are incredibly excited to bring back the event this year. The driving question we will be discussing is what does it mean to forgive? This idea does not have one answer. Hearing new perspectives will deepen our own ideas and beliefs regarding forgiveness.

Our Socrates Cafe will take place on December 6th in the library at Harwood Union High School from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Typically this event draws eighty or more people. We would be more than happy to see you at this event, to share your perspective and opinion on the topic of forgiveness. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our teacher, Kate Stauss, at

With gratitude during this Thanksgiving season,

Duane, Laurie and Meg



  • 11/23 - 11/25 - NO School Thanksgiving Break

  • 12/01 - High School Winter Concert 7:00 p.m. (Harwood Auditorium)

  • 12/6 - Socrates Cafe 6 p.m. (led by Harkness leaders)

  • 12/08 - Middle School Winter Concert 7:00 p.m. (Harwood Auditorium)

  • 12/15 - Inter-district Choice HUUSD presentation 7:00 p.m. (Harwood Auditorium)


Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



DESSA Student Self-Report: On Monday, November 21st, all students 9-12th grade were asked to complete the DESSA Survey, a Social Emotional Learning tool. This tool is not yet available for younger grades, but we are partnering with the program (Aperture) to support its availability in 23-24’. This survey provides feedback to students about strengths and areas of growth for each student in the following areas:

~Self Awareness/optimistic thinking

~Self Management

~Relationship skills

~Personal responsibility

~Decision making

~Goal directed behaviors

*The results students receive can be helpful in leveraging their strengths and considering how they might like to approach their areas of growth. What students learn can also help in check-in conversations with their TA teacher. Please ask your student about their experience and results as it may help facilitate continued growth and collaboration toward improving areas of growth.

**The Student Support Leadership will be looking at all of the results to identify themes and patterns across the school. This information will guide us in creating offerings to support students who would like to develop strategies toward improving areas of growth.

In future newsletters, we will share some information about themes and patterns, and next steps we are taking as a school. We will also be looking at options to gather this same information for our middle school students.

Update on Detention Procedures:

In an effort to continue to assess and refine our systems, we have updated our procedures to support students including progressive responses to continuation of behaviors, opportunity for restorative and community service, and follow up to teach skills and strategies to change behavior.

For Behaviors, Class Cuts, or 3+ tardies in a week, expect the following procedures:

  1. Class cuts, 3+ tardies in one week; behavior: First violation = After School Detention

    1. Review why and sign acknowledgement of expectations

    2. Follow up by student support 1:1 to review behavior and discuss strategies

  2. Continuation of Behavior/Cuts/Tardies: Second Violation = 2nd After School Detention

  3. Continuation of Behaviors: Third Violation = Half Day In School Suspension

    1. Focus - Community Service

  4. Continuation of Behaviors: Fourth Violation = Full Day In-School Suspension

    1. Focus: Educational Component and Project

    2. Community Service

  5. Continuation of Behaviors: Fifth Violation = Administrative Meeting and Plan of Action

Please note that there are no detentions held this week - November 22/23rd; nor the Week of Nov 28th

  • Next detentions will be held December 6th and 7th

Health Office Updates

Here is a link for the 2022-2023 consent form to allow the health office staff for COVID testing for symptomatic students in school. Reach out to the health office if you have any questions.

Supporting Students Social & Emotional Learning

This November we are focusing on the theme of Self-Management. Last month we highlighted being self-aware; being able to identify emotions. Self Management is that next step; knowing what to do with the emotions we are feeling, hopefully keeping things positive, and finding agency and advocacy through this.

Helping children to recognize their emotions is step one; step two is helping them know what to do with those feelings.

Here are some ideas and suggestions that you might try at home:

Middle School

  • Ask your middle schooler:

    • What strategies do you use to self-manage your emotions or behavior?

    • Do these strategies work as well when you have BIG emotions?

    • What makes it difficult for you (or others) to self-manage?

    • How could self-management have a positive impact on your life?

    • How can you support others in managing their behavior or emotions?

High School

  • Share your own strategies for managing your time with your high schooler. Do you use a paper calendar or a digital calendar? How do you balance necessary appointments and commitments with time to rest or reset?

  • Have an open conversation. What strategies do you use to manage big emotions? Which strategies work better than others? What are some ways that you handle stress?

Rigorous & Robust Academic Program:



​Maisie Franke has been named The University of Vermont's Green and Gold Scholar for the Class of 2023. This honor is an academic merit scholarship program which awards full in-state tuition for up to four years to students who apply, are accepted and attend UVM. As a Green and Gold Scholar, Maisie will also receive an invitation to UVM's prestigious Honors College. Congratulations Maisie

​Although it may seem like this school year is still newly underway, it is already time to begin gathering some feedback to build the 2023-24 master schedule. As we all continue to regain some stability in a (mostly) post-Covid environment, we will be approaching master scheduling with that same lens of stability. The survey below focuses on some areas within the schedule that may be flexible as we continue to work toward meeting the specific goals of TA, ELO, and a predictable schedule.

Please complete this survey by today if you have not already done so. We appreciate your input!

Complete the SURVEY here.

Positive school climate and culture:



The Sign Ups for the Winter Sports Season are now OPEN!!

If you have a student-athlete in grades 7-12, you can register them for the Winter Sports Season at this link:! We need both their registration and a valid physical exam on file for your student to participate in Day 1 of Tryouts/Practices.

The preseason "Meet the Coaches" night is scheduled for both MS and HS on November 16th at 6pm in the Harwood Auditorium. We hope to see you there!


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