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Family Newsletter- 10/16/20

Harwood Middle and High School families - 

It’s hard to believe that we’re already half-way through the quarter and yet as you move through the hallways there is a notable shift in the energy.  The anxiety and rigidity has been replaced with a greater sense of ease, talking and laughter is more common during lunch times and students have fully embraced learning opportunities outside.  

While k-6 prepares for their change in schedule starting 10/26 - Harwood is leaning into our current schedule as we continue strengthening both asynchronous and onsite learning opportunities.  

There are many silver linings associated with our current schedule that we need to continue to strengthen as well:

  • more individualized support during onsite days given the staff-student ratio

  • an opportunity to practice and ready for the flexibility and greater responsibility that comes with college and career schedules

In partnership and with gratitude,

Laurie  - Co Principal of Harwood Union

Meg - Co Principal of Harwood Union,

Duane- Assistant Principal,

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