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Class of 2022 Graduation Information

1. Name for diploma to April or Nancy no later than 1/31/22.

2. Cap & gown (or cap, sash and tassel) ordered through April or Nancy no later than 1/31/22.

3. Be sure NOT to plan anything the afternoon before graduation in the event mandatory marching practice is scheduled for after school. Plan now and let your employers/family/friends know you are busy that afternoon. 4. Special seating: Nancy will need to know by May 30, 2022 if any senior guest has a wheelchair as seats will need to be removed and the space reserved. No other reserved seating will be offered as we have had too many problems with this in the past. In addition, guests will be asked NOT to send a member to the ceremony early for the purpose of reserving seats.

Yearbook Info for Seniors-

1. Senior pictures to me by January 31, 2022 - jpeg, high resolution, emailed to

2. Optional toddler photo and/or quote emailed to by February 15, 2022

3. Senior superlative photos emailed to by February 15, 2022 if one was not taken at the end of last year


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