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Preparing for winter weather

Dear HUUSD Families,

With snow forecast later this week, we want to remind parents/guardians of the procedures HUUSD will follow in announcing changes to our school schedule.

School closings and delays will be shared with families using SwiftReach email, texts, and phone calls by 6:00 a.m. They are also reported on local television stations.

The school district spans approximately 42 miles from Warren to Waterbury, and sometimes the conditions are different from one town to the other. In order to officially count as a school day, certain criteria must be met. Transportation costs also factor into the decision as we try to avoid paying for an additional day of transportation, if a few schools remain open while others close. Therefore, if multiple elementary schools need to delay or close, the entire school district does the same. Also, if the high school needs to delay or close, then the entire school district does as well.

We try not to close school once we are in session for the day. If rapidly changing weather conditions make an early closing an absolute necessity, parents will be notified via SwiftReach email, texts, and phone calls.

As a reminder, parents/guardians are always the final decision maker regarding the safety of their child. If at any time a parent/guardian feels that weather conditions at home feel unsafe, we respect your decision to choose to keep your child home even if schools are open.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with unforeseen changes due to winter weather. Feel free to contact your child’s principal or my office if you have any questions.

Dr. Mike Leichliter

Superintendent of Schools

Harwood Unified Union School District

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