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Harwood Middle/High School Family Newsletter 9/18

September 18, 2020

Harwood Middle and High School families and students, 

Over the last two weeks many have stopped to ask us - “so, how is it going?”

As a result of OUR hard work as a community and the tireless efforts the response has continually been “smoother than we could have hoped.”

Thank you for:

  • your smiles and understanding as you waited in line for the screening

  • ensuring masks were worn upon arrival 

  • your partnership in navigating Google Classroom and a new zoom schedule

  • your vigilance to following the guidelines put forth by the state and our district

These collective efforts supported our community in what has been to date - a safe return to school.  

On Monday September 21, 2020 we will pivot to a 2-1-2 schedule.  This shift to more onsite time will mean more asynchronous time and require our children to grow their self direction skills.  To that end - next week will again necessitate patience and flexibility as we adjust.  That said, we know, based on the last 2 weeks, that collaboratively we can make this transition a successful one for our children.  

In partnership and with gratitude,

Laurie  - Co Principal of Harwood Union lgreenberg@huusd.org

Meg - Co Principal of Harwood Union,  mmcdonough@huusd.org

Duane- Assistant Principal, dpierson@huusd.org

DEFINITIONS: Please see below for definitions regarding the ongoing language we are using as we describe our schedules and models: 

  • Asynchronous - independent student work time such as homework and practice 

  • On-site learning: occurs when students are physically in a classroom where they engage in learning with social distancing and other health and safety measures in place.

  • TA - teaching advisory.  A time students gather in a small group to focus on social emotional wellbeing.

  • ELO - Extended Learning Opportunity.  This time will be for teachers to meet with students to provide additional support to complete their homework and practice required outside of class time.

The 2-1-2 model means:

  • Black cohort - 

  • Monday & Tuesday - onsite learning 

  • Wednesday - Teacher Advisory/Extended Learning Opportunities 

  • Thursday & Friday - asynchronous learning

  • Gold cohort - 

  • Monday & Tuesday - asynchronous learning 

  • Wednesday - Teacher Advisory/Extended Learning Opportunities 

  • Thursday & Friday - onsite learning 

PLEASE NOTE:  On asynchronous learning days students will be expected to complete a short form from their Teaching advisor.  This form will be used to mark their daily attendance.

*When cohorts are not onsite students are expected to complete asynchronous work.

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