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Family Newsletter 1.22.21

Harwood Families -

On Monday of this week - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - the Harwood staff began our inservice work engaged in a discussion that continues our work to create a community where all feel safe - seen, heard, understood and respected. Explicitly we considered how our unintentional language and implicit biases - or that of others - might impact our community. In the coming week during advisory - students will also engage in this discussion. Below we offer the resources staff used and students will use and encourage our community to join us in engaging in this work.

  • I am from Here documentary and discussion questions

    • Reflect and identify a time when, as someone in a position of power, your intent in a situation was different than the impact it had or share a time when a student said something in class in which the impact was different than their (likely) intent.

    • Based on “I am from Here” what would your definition of a micro-aggression be vs. “straight up aggression.”

  • The Woman Who Attacked A Black Teen And Accused Him Of Stealing Her Phone Said She Didn't Mean To "Hurt His Feelings" - microaggression & bias’

As Amanda Gorman’s - National Youth Poet Laureate said during Wednesday’s inauguration:

When day comes, we step out of the shade aflame and unafraid.

The new dawn blooms as we free it.

For there is always light

if only we’re brave enough to see it.

If only we’re brave enough to be it.

In gratitude and with partnership,

Duane, Meg and Laurie



AP information - Parents of AP students - please make payment ($95 each, check made out to Harwood Union) for any exam(s) your child wants to take by Jan. 25th. If anyone needs assistance in paying for this exam, please contact Liz Hepp, by Jan. 20th.



  • IMPORTANT Please review the following School Bus Information

NOTICE: Harwood Union Middle/High School Bus riders will be asked to utilize the Harwood Transit cards (ZPass System) to assist school staff with identifying what students ride which bus each day regardless of any change in the bus they take to or from school. Students will be expected to swipe the card for both AM and PM bus routes - daily routes only. This is more important than ever given during this COVID school year. If students need a transit card please see Nancy Myrto. If you have questions contact Duane Pierson at

Click on the link below to learn more about the Harwood Transit card system:

Calendar reminders:

  • 1/29 - Last day of Semester 1/Quarter 2

  • 02/01 - Quarter 3 & Flex block begins

  • 2/22 - 3/2 - No School - Winter Break


    • Please note the cohort day switch when we return from February break!.

      • 03/04 - Black cohort day

      • 03/05 - Gold cohort day



Updates from our Health Office:

As we continue to work to ensure our communities safety and wellness we ask for your continued partnership. We are seeing an increase in the number of COVID close contact cases in the school community and we are entering the cold and flu season. It is critical that we continue to remain vigilant and follow our mitigation strategies and procedures.

Students must complete the Harwood Daily Screening Form before school, sports practices and games.

If a student answers yes to ANY of the following-

Travel out of the state,

Close Contact of a COVID positive person,

Household member under quarantine,

Fever over 100.4,

Shortness of Breath,


Loss of taste or smell,


Muscle or Body Aches,


Sore Throat,

Congestion/Runny Nose,



STAY HOME from school and practices.

Additionally - please note that students will not be allowed to return to in person learning, sports practices, or games until they have been cleared by the school nurse. Students will be sent home from school, sports practices and games if they have not been cleared to return

What should you do?

  • Stay home!

  • Complete the school absence form daily

  • Contact your doctor or seek medical care

  • Get tested for COVID-19 if recommended

  • Self-isolate

  • Contact the school nurse with details and to ask questions 802-583-8151

  • Do not go to school or sporting events until you have been cleared to return by the school nurse.

  • If a COVID test was done, the test result must be reported to the school nurse before a clearance to return to school or sports activities will be permitted.


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