Physical Education & Health Education

The HUHS/MS PE faculty is dedicated to helping our students explore various physical activities which lead to living an active and healthy lifestyle. Our physical education courses are designed to allow students to be successful in a variety of pathways and physical activities, including but not limited to; cardiovascular and weight training, team and individual activities and exposure to some non- traditional physical activities, mindfulness and movement class, and  upperclassmen also have the option to expand their leadership skills in our methods of coaching course.


Proficient graduates of the program are self directed and able to actively listen and effectively communicate with others. Proficient graduates possess a growth mindset and the ability to be creative practical problem solvers as well as responsible involved citizens and can use their learning to stay fit and healthy for their lifetime. 


High School Graduation Expectations/Requirements:

  • 3 PE experiences to graduate

  • 1 PE experience must be through a class at HU

    • Classes are: Combination Activities, Individual/Dual Activities, Methods of Coaching (juniors and seniors only S2), Move & Groove, Weight Training and Cardiovascular Fitness, Outdoor Pursuits 

    • Other experience options include: 

      • Taking 3 classes

      • Completing an Independent Study (there are other requirements and procedures for this - contact Katie Pike with questions)

      • Completing a sport season here at HU (there are other requirements and procedures for this- contact Katie Pike with questions)

      • Possible online PE course (this needs to be discussed with school counselor and Katie Pike)


Health Education 

Students will evaluate personal, family, community and global issues related to the concepts of wellness. Specific topics include: Substance Use, Nutrition, Stress and Mental Health, Violence Prevention, Relationships, Human Sexuality, Disease Prevention. Students will also be required to learn CPR.


Learning Expectations:

  • Communication

  • Wellness

  • Global Citizenship

  • Self-Direction

What will you Learn?

  • Analyze the influence of family, peers, culture,media, and technology on health behaviors.

  • Evaluate the validity of health information, products and services.

  • Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal skills to advocate for personal, family, and community wellness

How will you be Assessed?

  • Formative Assessment:  Journals, Article Reviews, Class Discussions

  • Summative Assessments: Presentations, Persuasive Essays, Literature Reviews, Action Plans

  • 1 semester of Personal Wellness is required to graduate. This is course is typically taken during sophomore year.

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