The Harwood Union Science Department is currently transitioning our curriculum and instruction to align with the Next Generation Science Standards and a proficiency based system. We have expanded our senior elective course offerings and will continue to broaden our program in the next several years. The Science Department also works with other departments in developing new integrated STEM course offerings (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

The following are the science practices that every student will need to be proficient in to graduate from Harwood.

  1. Asking Questions and Defining Problems

  2. Developing and Using Models

  3. Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

  4. Analyzing and Interpreting Data

  5. Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking

  6. Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

  7. Engaging in Argument from Evidence

  8. Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Department Contacts

Jessica Deane, Science Teacher
802-583-8275 -

Heather Lessor, Science Teacher

802-583-8264 -

Kristi McKnight, Science Teacher
802-583-8283 -

Wendy Moore, Science Teacher - Middle School
802-583-8302 -

Alex Rawson, Science Teacher
802-583-8257 -

Andrew Reid, Science Teacher
802-583-8259 -

Angela Selvaggio, Science Teacher - Middle School 
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Chelsea Turley, Science Teacher
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