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Interested in Early College?

The Early College Program provides an opportunity for high school students in Vermont to earn a full year of college credits during your senior year that will also count towards your Harwood high school graduation requirements.  The Early College program is offered at four different Vermont colleges.  If you are interested in taking part there are a few next steps to take: 

#1) Explore the Early College opportunities below.

#2) Set up an appointment with your school counselor.

#3) Apply to the college you would like to attend.

The colleges with Early College Programs are: 

Things to Consider 

  • Students taking part in an Early College Program are allowed to continue with extracurricular activities at Harwood Union High School (sports, dances, clubs, etc). 

  • You are not allowed to take any courses at Harwood if you enroll in Early College.  

  • You must enroll full-time at the college for both the fall and spring semesters

  • There may be costs associated with textbooks, lab fees, etc

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