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Harwood Middle/High School Family Newsletter 10/2/2020

Check out the work happening in our new greenhouse during Sustainability. The seeds have already begun to sprout - a beautiful reminder that while there are differences in our world (like wearing masks at school) the cycle of life continues as do athletic competitions as of this week!

Dear Harwood Middle and High School families and students,

We are grateful for all of the feedback that we received through the survey. In order to continue to strengthen our support schedule, logistics and programming your thoughts and reflections are invaluable.

Based on this feedback we wanted to share last week’s Harwood Virtual Assembly to introduce all of the new staff - including another introduction to Meg and Laurie - your new Principals.

We also wanted to share our gratitude for your continued patience and partnership as we refine our screening and drop off. As we walk to cars to screen students it is now common to see them moving their hair off their forehead and leaning forward for a temperature check and reaching for their device to share a screenshot of their completed screener. For these reasons, we are excited to report that this week we were able to decrease the entire screening process for all students entering the building to a total of 23 minutes! Please find a few reminders below to help us continue to ensure safety and efficiency:

  • For scheduling reasons - students entry into the building has a firm start at 7:45. Our school screening process will begin promptly at 7:45 for each in-person school day. The morning traffic pattern for vehicles winds through the entire parking lot to lessen the impact of traffic on route 100. We have traffic monitors in place to help with the line up. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

  • For students being dropped off or driving themselves - please complete the survey in advance of arriving at school.

    • Students must use their huusd email to access this survey.

In partnership and with gratitude,

Laurie - Co Principal of Harwood Union

Meg - Co Principal of Harwood Union,

Duane- Assistant Principal,


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