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GIV Launches Virtual Institutes for Summer 2020

That's right - GIV will be offering rich enrichment and building community for motivated students this summer in an online format!  Your students will enjoy custom-tailored, powerful GIV learning delivered into their homes this summer, plus be automatically accepted to the in-person Institute next summer to build on their learning and meet in person!

One great thing about the new venue? No physical space limitations! So our application doors are thrown open wide. Please keep on spreading the word to all of your students who would like to dive into their favorite topic this summer!

Here are some changes you should know about for this summer:

  • Tuition has been reduced to pay-what-you-can.  For anyone able, we are asking them to pay $400.  For others, no financial aid documentation is required. 

  • We've waived the upper age limit so that graduating seniors may attend.

  • Alumni can attend the same Institute they did before, or others. 

  • There will be no penalty for students who decide to drop. So, students have nothing to lose, but tons to gain by applying now!

  • Some resources are available to help students lacking computers or internet access, so please let us know if you know of students in this situation. 

  • Student nominations are optional: Because students won't be with us on campus, and to make things easier on you during these busy times, we have decided to make student nominations optional.

Please feel free to direct any questions to Barry@giv.org or 802-865-4448.

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