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Family Newsletter 3.11.2022

Harwood Families -

Earlier this week a group of 20 students joined a discussion to consider how to use the $7750 awarded Harwood due to our vaccination rate.their consideration was focused on the theme of bringing our community together; something we’ve been unable to do since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Suggestions included:

  • a school wide service day to rejuvenate our building and grounds and reflect gratitude to our custodial and cafeteria staff for their incredible efforts throughout the pandemic

  • adding a few community areas to encourage safe and positive social connections between friends and peers

  • ice cream social or a unique Spirit week activity.

We are excited to collectively continue the planning and move forward with these opportunities to bring our community together.

This coming week we also have over 50 student facilitators who will bravely hold space and lead dialogues among their peers as we continue to consider how to create a community where all feel seen, heard, respected and understood.

During our recent Superintendent interviews the powerful presence of Harwood’s student voice and agency were repeatedly noted. It is a gift we are grateful for and one we are dedicated to growing.

In partnership,

Laurie, Meg and Duane



  • March 12th - Jr. Chef competition.

  • March 15th - Assembly (in person - full school)

(Check out this delicious looking dish they shared with us as they completed their final prep.)

  • March 24th 7 p.m. - Harwood Band evening

  • March 25th - NO SCHOOL

  • April 18th - 22nd - NO School - April Vacation

  • May 9th - 13th - Spirit week

  • May 12th - Family Conferences

  • May 18th - Family Conferences

  • June 11th - Graduation


Safe - seen, heard, respected & understood:



Emotional Resilience Training: Unlock The Prison Of Your Mind!

​Harwood is excited to announce through our partnership with Hannah’s House, a new offering to any high school student run by Lou Bevacqui. Beginning Wednesday, March 16th, students may join Lou for the 6-week opportunity during ELOA (9:05-9:50am) in the Wellness Center. To sign up, please email Jon Berliner or Jessica Deane. Please see below for a description.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and not in control of what's going on in your life? Do you run stories in your mind that are more hurtful than helpful when you’re dealing with a difficult situation? Or do you simply allow fear to stop you when you are deciding to try something new that’s important to you?

Here’s the truth…

Your emotions may be making your decisions for you,

and you may not even know it’s going on!

Come join me, Lou Bevacqui for a START Right Emotional Resilience 6-week training program and learn how to change your emotions from dictators into your most trusted advisors. Learn how to use the original language of the Homo Sapiens that is over 200,000 years old to gain mastery over your life, and create tools to get the best possible outcomes out of any challenge you take on.

More of what you can expect to come away with from this workshop…

  • Learn how to use your mind to create your best emotional state.

  • Lessen your Fear, Anxiety, and self doubt.

  • Gain clarity of what people, places, and events actually bring you happiness.

  • Strengthen your connection with the people in your life.

  • Gain a greater sense and control over how you feel at any moment.

  • Stop running stories in your mind that aren’t helping you.

Mask Optional Pivot

​As we support our community in the shift to optional masks as of Monday, March 14th let’s all work together and respect the decision of each individual.

Please seek the expertise of Phil and Magge, our incredible Nursing staff with any health related questions.

Celebrating the last day of mask with band:


Rigorous & Robust Academic Program




​A friendly reminder to please take 15 minutes to complete this survey in order to provide your reflections and feedback on our schedule and inform how we move forward to next year.

Please complete by March 16th.


Positive school climate and culture:



Hiring Committee

The Hiring season for 2022-2023 is underway.

We are seeking volunteers from our Family community to join as a representative.

If you are interested please reach out to Megan McDonough

Harwood students attended a field trip to the Advanced Welding Institute on Wednesday. They learned about this 6 month training program that can lead to promising careers (98% job placement rate)!

Choral Highlights

​The following students are going to the New England Music Festival in CT next week:


Abby Holter

Annie McMillion

Wanda Sullivan


Estella Peterson

The following students were accepted to this year's All State Music Festival:


Allie Brooks

Ellie Buckingham

Claudia Derryberry

Abby Holter

Mia Lapointe

Annie McMillion

Wanda Sullivan


Molly Caffry

Mia Mosle

Estella Peterson

Melanie Snell


Dylan Mauro

VT All State Vocal Scholarship Recipient - Wanda Sullivan

VT All State Composition Scholarship Recipient - Molly Caffry

CONGRATULATIONS to Ava Thurston wins Junior National 5k Nordic Ski


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