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College Application Information

Dear Class of 2023,

As you begin your senior year, we strongly encourage you to visit Naviance to research and plan for college, explore careers and to find scholarships. You can access the Harwood Naviance page here. If you need your username and password please reach out to your school counselor or our Registrar, Jen Shaub.

For students planning to attend college, Naviance Student will also be used to upload and send transcripts, letters of recommendation and other college application documents.

After doing your research, and compiling a list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance, you will need to become familiar with the different platforms colleges use to have students apply. We recommend using The Common Application, however there are others you can utilize. These platforms include:

If you are using the Common Application to apply to college, you will need to:

  • Create your Common App account.

  • Match your Common App account to Naviance. This can only be done on or after August 1st.

  • Request teacher recommendations after you match your accounts on or after August 1st. Requesting recommendations before August 1st will create issues with processing.

Please watch the below videos in preparation for the college application process:

To help guide you with the college application process, use the provided College Application Timeline and Checklist. We have also created the College Planning Guide - a comprehensive toolkit with many resources and links to support you this summer. The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) also has a Senior Year checklist that can be helpful. We hope that you will find these resources helpful.

If you are interested in going into the workforce, military, or desire to explore other options outside of college, please contact your assigned counselor. We are eager to help you develop a plan!

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