Drivers Ed

The purpose of our course is not to teach your teen how to get their Driver’s License.  However, it does provide the opportunity for all students to develop knowledge, attitudes, decision making and physical skills that will enable them to be safe and responsible participants in the increasingly complex environment of our transportation system.  It is our goal to provide the foundation to become a safe and efficient driver.  No doubt your teenager is eagerly looking forward to learning to drive.  A couple questions come to mind.  First, what is Driver’s Ed all about?  The other, are you sure your teen is ready to drive? Are they able to drive?


The course is proficiency based and consists of two phases.  The classroom phase will be scheduled during the regular school day, although it may be necessary to schedule guest speakers after school.  The driving phase will be scheduled during the regular school day and, on some occasions, after school, breaks, weekends or into the summer.  

To sign up for Driver’s Ed students must follow these steps:

  • Complete the Driver Education sign up form

  • Have a VT State Permit

Seniors and Juniors have priority and every effort will be made to place them in a first semester class. In the event that all Seniors and Juniors are placed, the classes will be filled with Sophomores prior to Step Up Day. Students who sign up after course registration is completed are subject to space availability regardless of grade level.

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Driver Education