Harwood Food Allergy Information

Harwood Union Middle and High School stands by the philosophy that students of this age are ready to participate in an environment that is not allergen free.  Pediatric allergists generally suggest that as students with severe allergies enter middle school, they are much more independent and therefore become more capable of self monitoring their allergy and are capable of navigating a world with allergens.  


Our kitchen follows procedures and protocols to avoid cross contamination of potential food allergens.  Food served in the cafeteria is clearly marked when containing nut products.  Our chefs are given updated information on our students and their current food allergies.  Students with food allergies are encouraged along with their parents to connect with our chefs in the food department to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.  Please contact our chef Paul Morris with any questions or concerns about the food prepared and served at Harwood.


As with any life threatening allergy, we expect our students to carry their prescribed epi-pens with them at all times.  Staff members are trained in the use of epinephrine if needed.  Please feel free to contact the health office if you have any other concerns or questions regarding food allergies.

Department Contacts

Paul Morris, Food Service Director

802-583-8171 - pmorris@huusd.org